CFO & Strategic Accounting Services

Is your organization growing? Adding a new site or expanding into a new market? Making major capital purchases or selling assets? Adding product or services offerings? Considering an acquisition, merger, or divesture? Or, do you want to grow your business, but are not sure how well your organization is doing? If so, let us help you understand your financial data and make the best strategic and financial decisions for your organization.

For organizations with annual revenues over $1 million, our Virtual CFO & Strategic Services include a range of solutions that can be bundled or independently selected based on your needs. We are built to scale up or down with you. Leveraging technology, we offer this service on a weekly flat-fee basis. We are here to join your team and help your organization grow.

Virtual CFO or Controller Services

If your organization has annual revenues of over $1 million, take advantage of our bundled outsourced CFO or controller services. We will serve as your organization’s internal and external business advisor. As your CFO/controller, we are here to listen, analyze and help you plan for your organization’s near and long-term future.

Monthly Financial Reporting & Analysis

As a multi-million-dollar business, your team needs to know the financial performance of your organization on a monthly basis. We help business owners and leaders prepare their financial statements and give them confidence their financials have been prepared accurately. We then analyze the financial data to enable management to have the clarity they need to make key decisions.

Budgeting, Forecasting, Planning & Tracking

Does your organization have a budget that reflects the organizational goals and industry standards for high-performing businesses? Has the organization forecasted where the business will be in 6-12 months or even longer? Does your management team review the organization’s performance against the budget monthly? Let us help you track your performance and enable your leadership team to make the tactical decisions necessary to achieve your goals.

Cash Flow Management

Let us help you ensure you have a strong handle on the organization’s short-term cash position. We review your anticipated inflows and outflows to determine any action items needed. You will have a strong handle on what needs to happen in the short term to ensure there are no operational interruptions due to insufficient cash flow. This service can only be provided if we are preparing the financial statements for the organization.

Small Business Accounting Services

If your organization has annual revenues between $500K and $1 million, take advantage of our bundled small business accounting services. We can help you organize your accounting data, prepare detailed reporting and help you strategically plan for your future.

Business Consulting & Financial Modeling

Need to make a major strategic decision for your business? Let us help you analyze and form scenario analyses to provide your management the clarity it needs to make these major decisions.

Business Valuations

We employ the highest standards in business valuation and can estimate the value of a business for litigation, a merger, or for insurance purposes.

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